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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

It takes a whole village

Image Source: Pintrest

There is a famous yoruba saying ,"It takes a whole village to raise a child".
With social media  here to stay, why not use it to our advantage, I am sure most of us have experienced, the power of a network. This could be a family, friends, work colleagues etc. The same could be said of living a healthy lifestyle and how doing it with others really helps. 
Consider joining a social networking site, for me Whats app and Facebook have done the trick , or you could join an online community with the same goals and ideas for your weight loss journey. 

 When you get this sort of support, you will realize how that most of us are human and we are prone to failure, but we keep pushing and encouraging each other, this in turn helps you stay focused therefore losing the weight or staying on track feels much easier.  
The lucky ones, even have a local team from their communities where they meet on occasion to workout, it could be aerobics, running or what ever tickles your fancy. What I would give to have a workout partner, let alone a workout family of some sorts. 

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I live for feta cheese and the salad its been added to. 
I live for feta cheese, and the salads its been added to. 

Watch how much I sweated in this video after a good workout! as always stay blessed. 


Monday, 29 August 2016

Cheap booze, Cellulite and Weight loss

“Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” ~Emilie Coue

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The thrill of cheap booze, add a free weekend to that and I am totally sold. So anyhow Shoprite supermarket saw it fit to have 3 bottles of sweet wine on promotion this weekend, this lady here forgot about her weight loss journey at least that was as I consumed the wine. My siblings came over to visit and of course that did not help the situation, one of my young sisters is great at baking, I say great clearly because my baking skills really need to be worked on. to cut the long story short we had cake, what comforts me about the cake is that whole wheat flour was used, that is funny.

Ooooh well let us fast forward to Monday, I actually felt like a Tele Tuby today as Nyepu a friend would say, not that I have gained any weight lately, but just that some days are definitely easier than others. So as I was skipping this a thought came to mind, as to why I am not an Olympian, I was out of breath and felt like the end was drawing closer.

But nevertheless I am a champion in my own right, I am a fighter and it only gets better by the day. Nevertheless I worked out,  managed a cool 1000 skips will do the rest of the workout after work, as I was pressed for time in the morning.

Breakfast : 50% Rye bread with seeds, boiled egg, cucumber, tomato and lettuce, salt to taste
Eating a High Protein breakfast is one of the things that will help you drop the pounds, this also helps you stay filled for a while, meaning you will not snack as much.

I miss wearing shorts in the summer, but cellulite isn't being easy on me, its so unkind and sort of looks bumpy,  on my thighs. Most of us know that, having cellulite doesn't necessarily mean one is overweight , but its good to note that, losing weight may reduce it. The resolution is to lose weight, be fit and sexy while still being a woman about it. Stay Blessed.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Cry, the beloved country, for the unborn child that is the inheritor of our fear. Let him not love the earth too deeply. Let him not laugh too gladly when the water runs through his fingers, nor stand too silent when the setting sun makes red the veld with fire. Let him not be too moved when the birds of his land are singing, nor give too much of his heart to a mountain or a valley. For fear will rob him of all if he gives too much. Alan Paton 

Today's post is in form of a poem 

Ashes they say

Of course it is with a heavy heart I write this,
maybe it is a thing of movies or a screen adaptation
 of some news in far away land as my mind wonders.
And I say to myself maybe if it rains and thunders 
All this shall go away and be just that, a bad dream
 A market has burnt down to ashes, ashes they say. 

Maybe you too in dream land, one day could find peace.
What page in history mark our place
are we still bravely singing, wearing badges of patriotism. 
I swear though it all does not make sense to me 
all this even in all forms of narcissism.
 A market has burnt down to ashes, ashes they say.

As strange -eyed on lookers walk on by, 
There is no to reason why. 
As the earth that is dust, and to dust we shall all return, 
Hopelessness I feel, whatever hope is yours.
A market has burnt down to ashes, ashes they say.

As always, Stay Blessed. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Style Watch, Inspiration: Solange

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." —Edith Head

Today will take a look at Solange, her love of fashion and let alone colour inspires. She has embraced print and colour,  I actually think yellow might be one of her favourite colors. Fearless in her approach to all things fashion, she knows her style very well.  

There is no need to break the bank (especially in this economy and knowing for a fact Kwacha is just that Kwacha) to be fashionable, let alone stylish. 
Lets take a look at how she owns her style below;  


There are colours I thought should never be worn together. But the more the fashion Gods endow me with fashion sense and wisdom of course! I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that fashion is an ever evolving art.
If you are not yet too sure of which colours to pick for your colour blocked ensemble. Start from the basics of the basics if that even makes sense, black and white, the Father and Mother of all colours.

Here Chiko pairs a white blazer with black pants and some detailed shoes.



Here Lubunga of KUSE pairs a cobalt blue peplum blouse with loud pink pants and look at that pink ribbon on the black shoes.

We have always loved denim, need we say much. A chunky chain definitely takes this outfit to another level. Shopping your closet should be your thing, the pink pants make me a good repeat offender. Which saves me money and the much needed closest space.